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A mysterious gang that was started in Eugene,Oregon. Known for their graffiti (mainly their baby pink gun stencils) and their obsessions with Hitler, Jesus, and Manson.
Person #1"Hey what happened to your face?"
Person #2"I was knifed up by a couple of trinerz last night"
Person #1"You survived?!"
by o-p-t December 21, 2006
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Originating in Eugene OR, symbol is the gun, color is baby pink, strong believers in publically humiliating whomever is available, known for their manic obsessions with Hitler, Christ, and Manson. Religiously negative and hated for their pessimism.
"Hey what happened to your botty?"
"The Trinerz found me in their alley and gunned up my kicks."
"You survived?"
by phattyphat August 12, 2007

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