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In aviation maintenance, a trimtard is a mechanic that is tasked to put together the interior portions of an aircraft, thought to be brain numbing work, ie: passenger seats, carpet, window shades, ceiling panels, side panels. (Trim is the generic word for the interior furnishings of an aircraft...)
Lead Mech: Where's the trimtard?? The spark chaser needs these stupid ceiling panels removed to get to the wire bundle to run this wire in...

Spark chaser: He's over there putting the PAX seats in...

Lead Mech: Trimtard!!!!! Help this cone head remove these ceiling panels.

Trimtard: ok, lemme just finish these last 30 seats...

Spark chaser: I'll fucking do it..... It'll be quicker if I just fucking do it!!!
by Flyby1000 December 17, 2010
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