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6 definitions by Flyby1000


2)The best family sports sedan on the market. To be yourself. To be different. To be unique.
I'm glad I have a Mazda6 and not a Toyota Camry or Honda Civic/Accord like everyone else. Zoom-Zoom baby!!!!
by Flyby1000 September 15, 2008
69 13
One who works overtime whenever it is offered, or asks to work overtime a lot... See overtime slut...
Man, I was an overtime whore for 6 weeks in a row. I made some bank on those paychecks though... and of course, Uncle Sam got his share...
by Flyby1000 November 10, 2009
25 8
In aviation maintenance, a trimtard is a mechanic that is tasked to put together the interior portions of an aircraft, thought to be brain numbing work, ie: passenger seats, carpet, window shades, ceiling panels, side panels. (Trim is the generic word for the interior furnishings of an aircraft...)
Lead Mech: Where's the trimtard?? The spark chaser needs these stupid ceiling panels removed to get to the wire bundle to run this wire in...

Spark chaser: He's over there putting the PAX seats in...

Lead Mech: Trimtard!!!!! Help this cone head remove these ceiling panels.

Trimtard: ok, lemme just finish these last 30 seats...

Spark chaser: I'll fucking do it..... It'll be quicker if I just fucking do it!!!
by Flyby1000 December 17, 2010
13 1
The result of pouting, when the lower lip protrudes out resembling that of a men's urinal.
I see you didn't get your way again, I can tell by your urinal lip...
by Flyby1000 July 26, 2010
8 0
When someone takes another persons property and rubs it in the area of their genitalia.
Dude... Adam just gave Evans work gloves the treatment. After that, Evan threw his gloves away...
by Flyby1000 September 23, 2008
11 3
The result of pouting when the lower lip sticks out.
I see that you didn't get you're way again... I noticed your urnal lip...
by flyby1000 May 06, 2010
3 8