A desire to harm one's self, physically or mentally. Can be done through cutting, burning, smoking, drinking, and pretty much any other addiction, physical or mental.
I feel so triggered. (means: I want to hurt myself. badly.)
by ElusivexLove November 17, 2008
Top Definition
The mating call of a landwhale as it submerges from the patriarchy.
Person 1: "Look at that landwhale, what is she going on about?"
Person 2: "She is triggered"
by muhlegion July 10, 2014
Getting filled with hate after seeing, hearing or experiencing something you can't stand.
Person 1 posts something on the internet.
Person 2: "Relax mate, don't be mad"
Person 1 gets triggered, or angered.
Person 1 continues to bash on Person 2.
by stashcat April 09, 2015
Easily set off by constant heckling of a usually specific topic

Instant 0-100 loss of chill resulting in violence to that topic
Premise: Matt loves Megan but she doesn't know he exists

Zack: Yo Matt, it's yo girl Megan!

Matt: I will cut you, I will kill you, where is she, I will kill you...

Zack: Damn son, you're triggered AF!
by #Slapthebag2k16 May 24, 2016
1. Synonym of cringe

2. Pissed off, annoyed
1. Brian was triggered because he hates the sound of Styrofoam being rubbed together.

2. Stephen was triggered because Cristopher made fun of CS:GO.
by Icyfiresword May 05, 2016
Feminist slang for getting sexually aroused. Feminist media, such as books, pamphlets, and video that contain sexually arousing material are often labelled with a "Trigger Warning" to advise that the content is likely to trigger a sexual response.
Feminist A, yelling: "Shut the fuck up, for the 50th-billionth time!"
Feminist B: "I get so triggered when you talk mean to the Patriarchy! Fuck me now!"
by Nigel Spellright April 21, 2016
An emotional/psychological reaction caused by something that somehow relates to an upsetting time or happening in someone's life. This reaction is often found to happen in war veterans, people suffering with PTSD, depression, and other mental disorders.
"Jim gets easily triggered."
"What a feminist."
"No, he's a war veteran who has flashbacks that effect him detrimentally when he hears fireworks or gun shots. Ignorant asshole."
by enxahera July 18, 2016
A way to make fun of someone that's upset. Commonly used by trolls to describe their victims. Or someone that enjoys upsetting people in general.
It's not my fault she was triggered by something I said. She should know not to take it seriously
by Itaku Natsumori July 22, 2016
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