The British version of the MTV show Jackass...This show is better because the pranks and stunts are pulled on spectators and people of the public with no notice of what is occuring
AIRS ON COMEDY CENTRAL WEEKNIGHTS AT 8:00 pm Eastern Time...Watch it!!!
by Chris June 26, 2003
Top Definition
British TV show which American's constantly refer to as "The British version of Jackass", even though the original release date of 14/01/2000 precedes the the original release date of Jackass by almost 8 months, and the quality of humour is staggeringly higher due to the genius that is Dom Joly.
British person: "If you like your comedy shows, you should give Trigger Happy T.V. a's one of the funniest programmes ever."

American: "ye dude isnt that totally like the british version of jackass?"

British person: "Stupid yank."
by ncgg April 30, 2010
The best thing to come out of Britain since Keira Knightley.
Although Triggery Happy T.V. is in no way shape or form like Jackass it is still one of the best prank shows around.
by White Sox Rule July 14, 2004
A show similar to, but much better than, Jackass. Dom Jolly is the man.
by Big Boss Whitey June 29, 2005
An excellent television show that bears no relation to the MTV show Jackass because is consists practical jokes acted out in public, as opposed to physical stunts.
Hey, you know that show Trigger Happy T.V.?
Yes, and it sure isnt anything like Jackass!
by Cui-Wer August 23, 2006
Show on comedy central that originated in britain where people play pranks on the unsuspecting public. not as red neck as Jackass
trigger happy tv is underrated
by mAGIK bUS March 12, 2005
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