the state in which a person is simultaneously rolling from ecstasy, high off marijuana, and drunk from alcohol. doing noz may also increase the triforce's power.
Friend 1: damn look at Jimmy, he looks happy as fuck just wandering around the party with that noz balloon.

Friend 2: well thats because he's on the triforce right now!

by masterdebator. October 23, 2010
A phrase referring to the Blessed Trinity of the Catholic Church (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). Normally used by the youth of the Church.
"Praise the Tri-Force!"
by [red]rose August 13, 2007
A Sexual position that includes four individuals. One female, and three males. One male takes the female in the front, One behind, and the third in her mouth. Also known as an orgy.

Also has been rumoured that if one or more of the participants has an advanced sixth sense, orbs can be captured with a digital camera the night of festivities.
"They did the Triforce last night"
"Is that why she smells of semen?
by hetandslash June 11, 2010
A gaming-related euphemism for a man's genitals.
The three parts of the Triforce are analogous to the three parts of a man's genitals.
by Moggraider March 19, 2009
This is a highly bromantic act, common among experimental, angst filled teenage boys that wear lots of black when in public to demonstrate thier unique nature and emotional plights. Not even Gannon himself can resist the power of the Triforce.

It is the tips of three penises cuddled together head to head to head. This manuever is usually executed at some point during or after a group masturbation session, while watching one of Dad's stolen pornos.
"My bros and I were hanging out watching one of my dad's pornos when we got a little excited, played a hot game of soggy biscuit and executed a perfect Triforce in ecstasy afterwards."
by Sidolfas September 19, 2009
The magical combination of weed, pizza, and beer.
We gave Jeffey a triforce last nite.
by Sherpent October 21, 2008
Synonymous to three-way.
Link, Zelda and Ganondorf had a mad triforce at the party last night.
by Inebriated Penguin October 17, 2003

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