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An imaginary helicopter full of trifling that can be envisioned to carry people who are trifling, or that may actually bring in a large shipment of trifling to a person.

The term is most often used to express a large amount of trifling on the part of one individual, but can also refer to the arrival of said individual.

Much like the roflcopter carries rofl, the triflecopter carries trifling.
Example 1: "So even after you fixed her car, bought her a new purse, and helped her move her furniture, she wouldn't even fix you a sandwich?"

"No, that bitch was flying the triflecopter today."

Example 2: As a known trifler walks in - "Uh oh, I hear the triflecopter coming in for a landing."

Example 3: As suspected trifling is about to begin - "Sounds like the triflecopter is starting its engines."
by Moose43 March 11, 2009
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