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A trifey is a girl that is ideal for a one night stand or hook-up. As apposed to wifey who is an ideal girlfriend or wife.
"That girl I slept with last night was a trifey, but that girl I was flirting with was a total wifey"
by Man Huluvswyfys April 24, 2009
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A dirty girl who sleeps with everybody and than acts like she is wifey material. ( slut, whore, and all the above on the std list)
2.) The one girl at school who gets around and is a story for everybody by the time the semester ends
Nick why did you bring home the trifey for dinner, your dad rubbed legs with her by accident and immediately felt itching
by RrRrRrOmAn January 12, 2011
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Trifiling or digusting or nasty. It can be called an insult or jus to describe something.
Ughh thats trifey you kissed that hoe she nasty.

Your trifey you aint change yo drawes man.
by Emmmms August 25, 2007
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Guy: "My brothers Trifey is pregnant again."

Friend: "Really?"
Guy: "Yeah....."
Friend: "Is it his?"
Guy: "Who knows? You know his wifey is trifilin."
by Nsolo1717 September 27, 2010
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a triflin female that wants to be wifey.
"that hoe aint my lady. shes just trifey"
by MC32 February 16, 2013
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