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one who associates themselves with scandalous affairs.
whats dat trifeling ass niggah doing in mah yard again?
by sirsmokesalot July 19, 2006
96 26
scandolous tells her man she is somewhere else but she is really sucking the neighbor off
Yo that bitch is a trifeling ho
by Drizzle mizzle October 16, 2005
55 37
A nasty, lazy or disgusting indivisual.

Damn Tyronne! Get ya trifeling ass up and wash them damn dishes.
by Facemob of Boxden May 15, 2006
31 25
annoying bitch, that say one thing and doesnt mean it
she is trifeling she says one thing and means another, she just needs to shut the fuck up, not down with the shitkaboo
by pete April 10, 2005
37 37
Bitch be ugly
That chick is trifiling
by Jiba June 26, 2003
19 59