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When one goes to take team picture and a certain female's forehead reflects the sun in a way that it looks like a third eye is growing.
"Woah, look at that girl! She is a massive Triclops."
"I find the Triclops species rather easy to sacrifice."
"In another universe, there are no triclopses."
by TomatoRunFastForMotherCountry August 14, 2011
Commonly found in High School's across the world. Used to describe someone with a large pimple in the middle of their forehead that is usually red in color and large enough that it looks like a 3rd eye. Hence the Term Triclops.
Woah, that warpig was a total triclops!
by David Rolfson December 01, 2006
a mad fresh penis on a centaur
never go out unless you're in a group of three
Yo did you see the triclops on that centaur?

I'm not getting crunk tonight unless we're a triclops.
by Forbizzle September 14, 2006

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