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1. Derisive nickname for former President Richard Milhous Nixon.

2. A penis with the same "ski slope" curvature that was a distinctive feature of Nixon's nose. (Bonus points for scrotum hanging and jostling like Nixon's jowls).
"He walks, he talks, he smiles, he frowns, he does what a human can...Tricky Dicky from Yorba Linda, the genuine plastic man."

"He had a Tricky Dicky schlong that could've doubled for a compound bow."
by Nosefuckers Incorporated December 14, 2012
Richard Nixon, as a derogatory nickname.
No short-haired, yellow-bellied, son of tricky dicky,
Is gonna mother hubbard soft soap me,
With just a pocketful of hope,
Money for dope,
Money for rope.
by LiL PiXi* October 15, 2008
a man that looks 100% straight, flirts with women, asks for numbers, but is gay
I thought he was totally into me, turns out he's a tricky dicky
by amd14 June 30, 2010
after doing a woman doggy style, the man holds his dick shut so that the semen doesn't shoot out and when she turns around to look at him he lets go and shoots the semen in her face. lol
she wouldn't shut up so he gave her the tricky dicky! lol
by Eric and Jeff and Chris April 25, 2003
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