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A festive gathering thrown in Denver Colorado on the weekend of or before Halloween; it invloves Jell-o shots, costumes, partial nudity, and all the booze you can drink for a nominal fee.
Trickeration 5, October 26th 2007 at the Ginn Mill 2041 Larimer St.
by Danny Splettstosser October 25, 2007
19 38
cunning deception
The doppelganger used trickeration to infiltrate our ranks. (see also trix0r)
by l33t ha><0r January 27, 2003
32 52
The activity that a sexual service provider makes available for a predetermined fee.
The skank was busted for trying to turn a trickeration with a narc.
by John Wordsmith December 26, 2003
7 38