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A person who has done something wrong to a person or in life in general that did not even better themselves or you.
Users, are always highly suspect to be Trick ass bitches
This nigga did not just use my car to pick up a bitch and still ain't get no ass man your just trick ass bitch.
by Jordan preety thug November 02, 2006
Also bitch-ass trick. Generally a female slut/whore, but can also be used on males.
Suck on that you bitch-ass trick.

Trick-ass bitch!
by nokianinja October 07, 2002
A person who always thinks they are right and sucks a lot of dick to get a HEAD in life
That Winkle kid is such a trick ass bitch.
by lizaina69 December 16, 2010
1. One who tells his teacher that she miscalculated his exam so she takes points off of his previously perfect exam.

2. One who has a magic box that cooks everything to his delight.
Man, J is such a trick ass bitch.

That trick ass bitch dave lives in edina.
by NottaTrick April 01, 2007
a female with supreme attitude. originating from the band 'trick ass bitch' at
that girl is one trick ass bitch.
by inubus April 30, 2004
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