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a person with a his hair cut to resemble a triangle who was born in the Golden Triangle and can be related to many other triangle-like objects.
Triangle man loves to play with Pokemon
by Anonymous October 26, 2003
Ostensibly a man who either is or has something to do with a triangle. Hates Particle Man and Person Man. Wins every fight.
Triangle Man, Triangle Man,
Triangle Man hates Particle Man,
They have a fight, Triangle wins,
Triangle Man!

by Syckls August 24, 2006
A naturally thin man who works only upper body until said upper body becomes a triangle shape. Is usually accompanied by a "stick-up-the-ass" walk, tight spandex shirts, and an ego of unbelievable size.
"Look at Triangle Man over there flexing, I could snap his legs in half with my pinkies!"
by Ol' Teahouse November 14, 2006