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"Triangle Behind Safeway" - the neighborhood in San Francisco situated between Duboce Park and the Safeway store at Church and Market, officially referred to as "Duboce Triangle."
"Where's your apartment?"
"It's kind of in the Castro, kind of in the Lower Haight."
"Oh, you mean TriBeSa!"
by Breezip November 20, 2008
The triangular-shaped neighborhood in San Francisco situated between the Safeway at Church and Market Streets and Duboce Park, ergo, "Triangle Behind Safeway," or TriBeSa for short. This neighborhood is officially referred to as Duboce Triangle, though it's really the southernmost tip of the Fillmore District.
"Where's your apartment?"
"It's near the Lower Haight, kinda near the Castro."
"Oh, TriBeSa!"
by Breezip October 22, 2008