He who rules the streets and has total control over all the gangs and illegal associations in his respective nation. Supported by the government, he does not fear any law enforcer that gets in his way whenever he rides his stolen vehicles and breaks dozens of road rules. This is one person not to mess with! Despite being one of the most feared "Mat Rempit" ever to exist, please note that he has a soft spot for injured stray cats.
Last Friday, an "Abang" was pulled over by a police officer because he was doing life endangering stunts with his motorbike at 210km/h. However, when the officer realised that it was Abang TresTon, he immediately apologised and released him.
by HotNSexyDude721 January 16, 2011
Backward Texan who believes simply bearing the belt buckle will skyrocket him to the forefront of any conversation. Girls often tolerate his fratting stories only because they feel sorry for his disturbingly obvious receding hairline. It is said that on the lax field his hair can be seen blowing from his head at an alarming rate.
"Dude, we would have had those girls if not for Treston.
by evantruman January 15, 2011

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