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Quite literally a merge between a trendy and a geek.

Rarer than the trendy, the trendy-geek is usually identifiable by having slightly geeky attire and usually glasses, yet hangs around primarily with trendies.

Most likely to be found sipping a Guinness and playing pool in a trendy club with pinpoint accuracy.

Unfortunately like the trendy, the whole geeky facade is pretty much that, a facade. You could almost say they are a poser geek. And they will have activities like a "Warcraft" account, counter strike, watching Red Dwarf, maybe even LARP, in a desire to look original. Yet they'll also like the typical trendy interests too, like "celebs", and football and One night stands etc...

Clothing is usually strictly trendy, usually the only thing that separates a trendy-geek is usually small things like less "cool" hair and glasses. Or most likely, an aversion to being as rowdy as their trendy peers.

They may also say they like metal in a craving to be "Individual", but by that they mean they've listened to poser-metal like Bullet For My Valentines most popular song.
Guy 1: WTF that trendy looks like a geek, and he was just talking about computers instead of weight training.

Trendy-Geek: Oh my god, I'm like so geeky!1 I have a WoW account and I watch geeky things like Dr. Who!!1 And I've played the most mainstream Final Fantasy all the way through!1
Trendy: Shall we go clubbin'?
Trendy-Geek: Yeah, "sick" mate! (I can go and attention seek by pretending to be really geeky, which is what I do every friggin' day!)
by PsychoFox November 22, 2007
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