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The yellowish powder all over everything in the spring is the result of the trees and plants "release" in an attempt to reproduce.
Yellow smoke cumming off a tree as the wind is blowing. Do NOT walk through it! It's a Treegasm.
by Olges April 22, 2010
made popular by the show "Ugly Americans", it is when two tree-beings finally come in contact with each other's flowers. this is a connecting mating ritual and is also a largely popular public event.
John: hey do you want to go see treegasm with me

Bill: sure let's go!
by whatevermanificatioin April 21, 2010
When– beginning in the first three weeks of the Christmas season, tree stands begin setting up on every block selling Christmas trees. The effect from the mass amount of trees produces a forest-like quality in urban areas.
I was late to work today because I got stuck in a treegasm
by scratchmaster101 December 20, 2010
When the lights of a christmas tree start to blink rapidly and repeatedly.
The tree got excited and started to have a treegasm.
by luke and allison January 01, 2011
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