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An individual that exhibits many of the positive characteristics of trees, such as a relaxed attitude, great listening ability and the unflinching inclination to help those around them. Their lives are also filled with many strange and quirky pursuits, which they engage in passionately.
Tree Man is just a chill dude, always playing Ultimate Frisbee and making mellow music on his Bass Clarinet.
by El Árbol December 20, 2012
A man who became known as 'Treeman' after a disease left him with warty branch-like growths for hands and feet, is receiving treatment in a hospital in US and is getting better and better.
Human treeman stops turning into a tree.
by ANTI-Charlotte October 03, 2008
The coolest, most sexy, really really goodlooking man you have ever seen in your entire life.
That derek, he is soooo hot. We should call him Treeman. I want to see him naked
by Treman February 04, 2004
A great example of someone trying to blow his own trumpet.
Forget treeman that d|g|ta| is a great guy!
by d|g|ta| June 24, 2004
A really tall cool, out-going, smart dude who likes to shoot hoops and wants me to be his ghost writer one day. aka JOV !
Yo... You guys Haven't heard of treeman?

AYYYY TREEMANNNNN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by GOTSAS January 11, 2009
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