Amazingly sexy, extemely talented character who exists in the game world.
Trech just pwnt the fuck out of us!
by Trech Maggotface January 04, 2005
Top Definition
adjective; something incredibly odd or weird in the sence of being treacherous.

it can also be used as a positive way to discribe a funky fashion accessory.

treching- verb; when someone is acting in a trecherous way.
"Wow, Maddie and Shannon were really being trech while skiing backwards down the mountain"

"Look at that guys hat, he is trech"

"Today, Kevin is really trechin it up with his oversized sweatshirt."
by steezymceasy October 14, 2010
Trech, meaning "Silly Individual".
"You absolute trech"
by United_Midnite February 07, 2015
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