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Trauma Center is a game serie made by Atlus. The game has its unique form of gameplay.You play as a doctor whose name is Derek Stiles, and you need to do sugeries for your patients. The gameplay is fluently and interesting, but also hard, you need to have both speed and accuracy(just like a real doctor). Later on you also need to deal with some kind of parasite which name is "Guilt", the appearance of them make the gameplay much harder. Currently,there are 4 games in this serie, which are Trauma Center:Under The Knife, Trauma Center: Under The Knife 2, Trauma Center: Second Opinion, Trauma Center: New Blood. Trauma Center: Second Opinion is like a remake of Trauma Center: Under The Knife, but with better graphics and character designs.
Trauma Center games only releashed on Nintendo DS and Nintendo WII.
by DoctorStiles September 14, 2008

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