To tell someone to stop it, slap them, call them a bitch, and roll them around in their own feces. Commonly used when someone is a fake or a FAK, or is being a total bastard.
Oh man, ToB totally tratted that n00b.
by Diamon August 16, 2004
Top Definition
A trat is something or someone that annoys or displeases you in any way. Originally meaning someone who uses long words incorrectly (like the man who coined the term, a guy named Louis, who is now known as Tratman), such as 'That was going sub-sonic'or 'Wheres the ejaculator seat?', its meaning has now broadened.
'You trat, how dare you suggest such a thing?'
by Giant Stalin March 05, 2006
A snitch. Someone who tells someone something others don't want them to or someone who spreads a rumour.
You T-RAT! You told everyone my secret!
by STEEL HERETIC June 21, 2014
A vagina with hair on the inside of it. In many cases the Pubic hair will spill out into the surrounding areas of the vagina, causing a vag-fro

Considered the most offensive word in the English language.
Scenario 1
Person 1: ewwww, that bitch has a trat. You can see the hair going down that mini skirt. *proceeds to puke*

Scenario 2:

Man: Your a Trat! nothing but a disgusting Trat!
Woman: *slaps shit out of man* You bastard!
by Hog Matog December 04, 2010
A mixture between a prat and a twat.

Created when someone was thinking of both words at once and attempted to insult someone.
Michael - "You TRAT!"
by Pure Euphoria August 28, 2007
abbreviation for "true that"
person 1: you're cool
person 2: trat
by kelly March 08, 2005
One of shastas dog treats.
Get the diva a trat before she beats you with her necklace.
by evilrabbi December 05, 2004
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