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As a combination of the words "Trendy" and "Asian", this person of Asian ethnicity has a phenomenal sense of fashion and style, and is considered a trend setter in any culture
Girl, I LOVE your outfit! You're such a trasian. I'm so jealous.

You'll find the perfect outfit, no worries. You're a trasian.
by kyc July 16, 2008
A fusion of the two words 'tryhard' and 'asian'.
Used to describe an individual of non-asian heritage/descent, who is heavily influenced by asian culture, and/or tries to be/act like an asian person.
Person 1:

"Just because I have Hello Kitty stationary, watch Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z, am a wizz at Dance Dance Revolution and visit China Town whenever I can doesn't make me a trasian!"

Person 2:
"Yes... yes it does"
by iheartasia October 21, 2007
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