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A word used to describe a drunk friend and yourself.
Dude, we were trashmasters last night!
by D Fizzle June 12, 2007
Just the trashiest whiskey driven, (Dickey Betts) hang-em-high havin', rebel flag flying, my-horn-doesn't-work-so-look-for-the-finger,
I carry a gun havin', got nine children by nine women havin', duelin' banjos playin, live lynard skynard watchin', bluesmaster, trash shit on the planet. Commonly know as a redneck.
Danger Ranger
Middle-Georgia located person
Jones County person
Dickey Betts
Gary Rossington
Ted Nugent
by B-word January 07, 2005
A trash collector truck in the popular video game GTA IV.
Dude, I just jacked this trashmaster and ran over all these people!
by Robyo June 19, 2008

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