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The act of extreme Trashiness. Related to the epic song created by "Trashy."
Trashy is Trashalicious.
I have never seen someone that Trashalicious.
by Borinyukami September 17, 2008
TO be sleezy AND easy. This is a girl who has sex with so many men that she cant even remember where she leaves her socks. She may also have other names which she uses when she is having sex, so men cant find her.
Man 1: Hey, stacy
Man 2: Who calls me stacy?
Man 1: Das Trashalicious
by KingPatMMD December 05, 2011
the condition of containing excess and unacceptable amounts of trash and/or garbage
"I did a Tug audit tonight. 37 tugs were trashalicious"
by Chester16 April 25, 2008

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