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Wayward creature (or humanoid) that sifts through piles of trash.
I hear that Trashbears lerk over by Mr. Yoblonski's neighbors.
by [lljk]Whimsy July 28, 2003
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Pseudonym for raccoon. Because raccoons are like miniature bears, and they are usually found going through trash.
1) Trash bears were in my back yard last night fighting with cats. 2) If you wear too much eye makeup, you'll look like a trash bear
by wanderr July 25, 2011
Gaurdian and protector of the trashdumps of the universe!

will maul people for trash
Trashbear gnawed the mean 80s obsessed wigger to death and then ate some trash.
by trashbear March 16, 2003

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