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A pre-paid cell phone thats used for making narcotics deals. Most only have text messaging and no calling, they are un traceable and can be turned off at any time for no charge so thats why most drug dealers use them.
Guy: Yo bruh do you got any bud?

Dealer: Dude hit me up on my trap phone, I cant have this being traced.

Guy: Aiight cuz
by Big Daddy Blue February 28, 2010
a cheap low budget phone, usually not up to date, usually used for drug dealing and other illegal activities or can used as backup phones if your expensive one breaks. they usually are prepaid. But for the most part they are ugly and cheap.
"Yea I Jus Bought Me A New 4G Blackberry U Needa Stop Playin Games And Get Rid Of dat Trapphone It Aint Worth A Dime N Itz A Wack Azz Jack Bro Nobody Uses Dat" J Said. "I Dont Care Dawg Because U Kno I Be Trappin Anyway So I Need A Trapphone, screw a smart phone." Duce Replied.
by K.E.V.O. December 02, 2010
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