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A guy, who though isn't gay shows signals that are stereotypically homosexual for example: wears superskinny jeans, talks a lot about fashion, uses nice smelling cologne, has a lot of female friends and other stereotypical "gay" tendencies. This list obviously doesn't include having intercourse with, kissing or dating guys.
Jennifer: Omg Derek is soooooo gay!
Sofia: No, I like saw him making out with Katherine at that party! He's Transfabulous!
Jennifer: WOW
by IMFANTABULOUS June 05, 2013
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Someone who is straight but acts gay.
-Look at Robert, giggling with Jack. He is sooo gay.
-No he's not, he's transfabulous! I totally saw him making out with Leah!
-Maybe he's bisexual?
-No. He's transfabulous. End of story.
by becky's word June 07, 2013
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