A female defined by looking like an emaciated cross-dresser.
So I saw this tranorexic 'ho the other day at Panera. Why do girls that don't eat food even go to restaurants?!
#tranorexia #tranny #busted #bust-down #shemale #trap
by grenadeproof November 28, 2010
Top Definition
A tranny who is anorexic. This may be to stop male hormones or just to look better.
Hey look, it's Carl... I mean Carla! Wow! She's so thin! she must be tranorexic.
#tranny #transsexual #transvestite #anorexic #bulemic #thin
by DEED123 January 30, 2011
A thin girl buried under make-up and covered with so many too-trendy accessories that she resembles a tranny.


A super skinny guy who has over-accessorized to the max.
"Did you see those new pictures of Lady Gaga? She's crossing into Madonna territory, what a tranorexic mess!"

Boy#1 "Check out that emo queen in the skinny jeans over there! Those John Varvatos sunglasses weigh more than he does!"
Girl#1 "Yeah, someone get that tranorexic a cheeseburger!"
#tranny #lady gaga #makeup #queens #madonna
by Jaxie33 April 26, 2009
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