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overly large bangle, much too big for average sized female hands, favored by female impersonators and other discerning large handed sorts who enjoy accessorising and generally teaming with the theme.
Female Customer - "I'm sorry don't you have any smaller bangles these are huge and keep slipping of my hands"

Shop Assistant - "Those are trangles, i'm sorry but we don't stock bangles for women"
by Pantz&Cakes December 03, 2009
1 3
The emotional/sexual desire for a fictional character

"I have such a trangle for Mr Darcy..."
"I'd trangle Daemon any day ;)"
"I wish i could trangle Edward Cullen, he's more man then most men"
by Wayoming February 14, 2009
4 6
To thrust with your hand towards the gooch of someone with 1-5 fingers.
Yesterday Nick trangl'd me so hard i farted.
by Pat November 12, 2004
12 25