Top Definition
A trendy transvestite.
Girl, you are looking trandy today.
by James Charles Camarillo August 12, 2011
one bad beotch. total gangsta. Bo's baby mama.
I wish I was Trandy
by badbia February 05, 2010
truck stop handy

alt. def. transsexual truck stop handy
breaker breaker 1-9 there's a nice lot-lizard gives a great trandy at the exit 109 flyin-J.

Eduardo gives a decent trandy, if your into that sort of thing.
by boxcar willie December 15, 2010
trashy trendster (hipster kid)

...because you can never have a tranny who's trendy and trashy.
Look at that trandy
by JiveTurkeys May 13, 2011

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