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A mix of trance and hardcore techno. This is not a mix of trance and hardcore punk.

Trancecore is also known as freeform techno.
Enter Shikari is not close to trancecore you dumbshits.

Alek Száhala is finnish trancecore.
by nospr March 19, 2009
A fusion between hardcore and trance music.

Enter Shikari can be considered as a trancecore group.
The song 'Sorry, You're Not a Winner' can be placed under the trancecore genre.
by mynameismmo October 15, 2007
A word used to describe the genre of the band 'Enter Shikari'
Steve:Omg i love this new metal/trance/whatever band!
Bob: They're Trancecore noob!
by Johnny Sniper October 23, 2007
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