basically equivalent to a piece of shit
quit jacking up threes (and missing) and play some defense, you tran
quit feeling yourself, tran
quit lying you god damn tran
by grit 'n' gravy March 26, 2008
Top Definition
A common Vietnamese surname. It is the 476th most common name in the United States. Other common Vietnamese last-names are Nguyen, Pham, Le, Vu, Do and Huynh
by Quyenanh Tran August 20, 2003
A truncated version of transexual, transgender, or transvestite. It is attempted to be used as an umbrella term referring to those who are differently gendered, however, there are differently gendered people who would not use the term for themselves.
I'm trying to figure out if I'm trans.
by Toby Hill-Meyer December 30, 2003
A beautiful Vietnamese girl with black hair and dark eyes.

Trans are very short with an outgoing personality.

You'd be lucky to meet a Tran in your lifetime, and you'd be incredibly lucky to meet a Tran Nguyen.

Famous Trans include Tila Tequila, and Tran Nguyen.
"So last night I was hanging out with Tran-"

"Tran Nguyen? OMG I fell in love with her!"
by kuton April 18, 2010
The ultimate word used to define one's skill in a certain subject (usually online gaming.) It is not a well known word but the few and proud use it to differentiate themselves from all the posers that use words like Owned and Pwned
I tran utter noob soul
OMG the Trannage i am commiting is unbelievable!!
Yo that kid got tranned!
by Crimsonstride May 31, 2006
A prefix meaning across, beyond, changing, or crossing.
The train ride we took today was transcontinental.
by talespy12 April 08, 2011
To up and change sex, species or race. Trans'ing

Trans-gender, Trans-racial, Trans-species
Did you hear that Trever was trans'ing into a woman. She wants to be called Trina.

I am no longer Chinese! I'm trans'ing into a Caucasian.

Being human blows! Dude, just trans into a bull dog!
by Megagegagesha June 15, 2015
Acronym used for:

T, Tax

R, Revenue

A, Anticipation

N, Note
Finish the TRAN paperwork already and mail it back to the government!!
by joshisthename April 26, 2011

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