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The most wonderful one-of-a-kind girl you'll ever meet in your whole entire life. A person that will make you smile just by glancing at her! A person that has super seductive eyes! A person that makes super cute faces that make you just want to kiss her and slobber all over her cheeks! A person that can get any guy she wants cause of her crazy attractiveness! A person that can fill your tummy with butterflies whenever you talk to her on the phone! A person with a great sense of style! A person that separates herself from most girls out there! A person that any guy would wait and fight for till she's theirs!
Wow *stares at phone* Tramy is calling! *happy*
by sekretadmyrer March 15, 2010
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Tramy is the coolest down to Mars girl u'll ever meet....she can make u laugh and smile at will....and she is a nice(too nice)..careing....and lovable person...
Tramy called!....(*smiles)...
by astroman August 15, 2004
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a girl who can transform into a hamster..........a hamster girl
shut up tramy........u damn hamster bitch!
by opponent c April 26, 2004
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