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When you have one or multiple women undress wearing nothing but high heels stepping repeatedly on your dick.
The other night my girl Susan trampled my dick and I came like a horse!
by doggystyle6977433334 October 09, 2010
1. To be so drunk that you feel like you've been mangled in a herd of animals; beyond hammered drunk.

2. To wake up and feel like you've been mangled in a herd of animals: recovery time 2-3 days.

3. To be so drunk that you wake up on a trampoline and have no idea where you are or where your shirt is.
1. Dude, I know we started partying at the bar but how did we end up at the petting zoo?....Yeah, you know we got trampled last night!

2. Dude can you cover my shift tomorrow, I got trampled drunk last night.

3. Dude, I got so trampled last night I woke up on a picnic table, in my underwear, with a plastic giraffe.
by little big/ big little December 25, 2010
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