a horribly cliche, or common tattoo that makes girls look like dumb bitches. Found on the lower back, and usually a butterfly...sometimes a happy flower of some sort.
That bitch's tramp stamp was the worst I'd ever seen; I've seen 3 other chicks with the exact tattoo today.
by Meghan Victoria June 06, 2005
The tattoo a female gets at the small of her back and shown by wearing cropped tops and low pants.
Look at the tramp stamp on that gal.
by Jacygal January 16, 2007
A tattoo, used as an after sex bullseye on the lower back of women and some men.
That guy Matt Owen, must be gay, he has a tramp stamp.
by Matt223 October 13, 2007
A tattoo located above the ass crack of sluts, and girls who pretend not to be sluts, but of course, really are.
Alex : Do you see that tramp stamp on that skeez?

Frank : Might as well be a bullseye.
by Alay October 15, 2007
Foodstamps. This was the original definition for the word, until loose women starting getting tats above their ass cracks.
You should have seen it. I was at the grocery store waiting in line and this crack whore with 8 kids was buying soda, steak and lobster. The bitch paid in tramp stamps. I couldn't help myself. I told her to get a job, close her legs and get out of my wallet.
by Larry Tiita April 18, 2009
A tattoo on a woman's lower back that signifies that she like anal sex. This is also known as a "cum catcher" because the man will try to shoot his load on the tattoo after he pulls his penis out of her anus.
If you talk to that girl for a while she will probably let you give her anal because she has a tramp stamp.
by hoosier daddy55 March 16, 2009
A tattoo above a woman's back, near her ass
Janelle has a tramp stamp
by DizzyLizzy February 22, 2007
A tattoo on the lower back. Usually on a slutty or trampy girl.
Look at that girls tramp stamp. She must be a hoe.
by Och March 05, 2010

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