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A boosty fart. Tramabombs most often occur when excessive amounts of semen build up on the boosty during sexual intercourse.

On rare occasions a tramabomb can occur if the woman creature hasn't washed their boosty for a number of days. A noticeable sign that your boosty needs cleaning is a cheese-like smell coming from it. This cheese smell comes from the residue build up on the boosty. If you want to decrease the chances of a natural tramabomb occuring it is recommended that you limit the intake of foods with large amounts of fatty acids.

Scientists are still researching the phenomena behind a natural tramabomb.
Anorexic Jenny: What's the matter, Patty?

Pig Patty (sobbing): All the kids started pointing and laughing at me! Some even came up to me and poked at my boosty with their pencils!

Anorexic Jenny: That's terrible, Patty! Why would they do something like that?

Pig Patty: Well, I felt a tickle on my boosty and knew a tramabomb was on it's way. I let out a fake cough to try to hide the noise but everybody heard it! This is horrible!

Anorexic Jenny: Oh, don't be so down. Here, have a sip of my bologna malt. That should cheer you up!

I was just sittin' in class just chillin'. All a sudden I heards a loud tramabomb! Mayne, what that boosty bitch been eatin'?
by Nigga Ishmael October 17, 2010
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