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ACtually a type of living creature in Kurt Voneguts book Slaughterhouse 5. The can move to any point in the space time continum and prefer to exist in nice places/times with happy stuff going on. The comparision of human experience in reality with Tralfamadorian experience of reality was a beautiful paragraph by Kurt: (I paraphrase) Imagine a person on the top of a moutain with a nice view (Tralfamadorian view of the universe), another person is strapped to a train track with a metal sphere around their head and an 8 foot pole to look through....that small round circle of light at the end is the human experience of the universe.
I would give my left nut to understand nature as a Tralfamadorian.
by R. Hale March 14, 2006
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A style of writing pioneered by Kurt Vonnegut in his work "Slaughterhouse-Five." Tralfamadorian style is defined by a cyclical process of moving forward, while also looping back, and ultimately finishing with the beginning.
From "Slaughterhouse-Five":

"It begins like this:
Billy Pilgrim has come unstuck in time.'
It ends like this:

(Refer to the novel for more information)
by Nathan Thrower October 14, 2004

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