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Someone who is two faced, inelegant, back stabbing, trash talking, underhanded, and simple minded. Don't cross Aviva Drescher or her father George Teichner, if so you may be called this not so endearing name.
Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan of the Real Housewives of New York are Trailer Turds according to Aviva Drescher's father George Teichner.
by Dorey_Girl on Twitter October 08, 2012
Lacking income, education with a sprinkle of ignorance.
"I can't believe that trailer turd had the nerve to call me white trash!"
by t.wo October 08, 2012
The oh so familiar & noxious aromas emanating from the most well known trailer in the park.
My family members are mostly a bunch of rednecks & white trash. We've even won the admiration of our friends & enemies by winning the recent trailer turd contest. The judges scored our trailer over two blocks from where it rests because the aroma was more than sufficient from that point.
by Dr_Jeff_PhD October 09, 2012
A person or persons who show a lack of moral character, uncouth behavior.
Girl 1 " Carole got drunk at my party and took off her top in front of everyone."

Girl 2 " Carole doesn't know how to sect in public. She is such a trailer turd."
by Fatgurlreb October 08, 2012
Body waste after eating white trash foods like Squeeze cheese, pork rinds, Spam or anything out of a toaster oven.
"Don't use the trailer's bathroom for a few, I just had major trailer turd."
by Ferocia October 09, 2012
Trailer Turd is an unpowered lump of excrement. 
Some people are just plain trailer turds.
by Dolcetf October 08, 2012
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