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A distrubing and unfortunate moral code adhered to by persons living in Trailer Parks. This particular moral code includes strict dedication to the following:

1. Economic dishonesty, theft of all kinds, ripping off the government and taxpayers
2. The purchase of optional items such as chrome bumpers and large screen televisions in place of food for the offspring
3. Any heterosexual conduct possible...with whoever is close by as well as bored/stoned/drunk/closely related

4. Racism and cultural bias of all kinds are taught from birth
5. Teenage pregnancy is only a concern if it occurs during or after the age of 18, or if the father was from outside of the trailer park

6. A heretofore unrivaled brand of laziness wherein persons engage in only eating, getting drunk, shopping for food and alcohol and having sex. The rest of one's time is spent sleeping and going to the bathroom
Jimmy Jack's convictions on the charges of lewd conduct, grand larceny and mail fraud were seen as a travesty back at the trailer park, as they were daily occurrances there.

Apparantly, Trailer Park Morality is not smiled upon in the outside world.
by Saiga12 April 18, 2011

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