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An individual who posesses an extraordinary amount of common sense, which is the only required education for membership in the Tea Party. The person is usually a male, in his forties who has failed in business, marraige and many other endeavors. He therefore shows his common sense by blaming the government, immigrants, teachers, pensioners, scientists, non-evangelicals, non-whites, non-republicans, etc for his failures in life. In doing so, he gains many followers.
Bob was on C-Span today hitting the viewers up with some hardcore common sense. He's a Tea Party Genius.
by Saiga12 April 14, 2011
The act of negative change upon any once beautiful and prosperous country. This applies most proximately to the nation of Zimbabwe. Mugabe Makeovers are currently occuring in several world nations and can usually be detected by failiure of agriculture and monetary value as well as the appearace of Cholera.
Wow! Harare had a great airport 25 years ago, but thanks to the Mugabe Makeover, it's like landing in Mogadishu.
by Saiga12 April 14, 2011
An individual who has gained a large following among members of the American Tea Party and/or other quasi-politcal groups. This person is easy to identify due to their constant facial scowl and constant litany of opinions and insults against any people who do not agree with him. This is his/her way of making sure their followers do not start thinking too much...after all it is the Common Sense Guru's job to do the thinking. Sometimes, however, this is problematic, due to the Guru's exclusive reliance on the "common sense", which is unfortunately both uncommon and subjective.
Typical words of a Common Sense Guru:

"We the people need better jobs but we don't want anyone else to have better jobs...'cause we have common sense and they don't"

"Let's stop paying teachers so much...that money needs to go to a better place, like the pocket of your Common Sense Guru"
by Saiga12 April 14, 2011
Highly disappointing event wherein the winner of a major election is made to share power with the loser of said election. Thus, "power sharing" ensues. This leads, over time, to the loser and his party marginalizing and screwing-over the actual winner who then must try it all over again during the next election.
Everything was going so well for Morgan until he got hit with a Zimbabwe Election Screwjob. On the bright side, he won the popular vote.
by Saiga12 April 14, 2011
This is a phenomenon that occurs frequently during football games played by the Baltimore Ravens. Mysteriously, during games, particularly during close games, penalties occur which are seen by no one else but the league officials on the field. These penalties occur at critical times during the game and always go against Baltimore.

Any complaint or protest against these penalties is met with a smug and sanctimonious lecture from the league and/or fans of the opposing team. Media types occasionally notice this phenomenon, but some actually are in on the conspiracy. The few who have the courage to speak the truth are generally ignored or accused of being delusional. Thus, the lies and dishonesty are allowed to continue unabated.
And Pittsburgh gets another first down! That holding penalty against the Ravens must have happened really fast, because nobody saw it...wow, those officials have sharp eyes! Unless, of course, this is a Raven Rip-Off, but we're not supposed to talk about that.
by Saiga12 April 15, 2011
A distrubing and unfortunate moral code adhered to by persons living in Trailer Parks. This particular moral code includes strict dedication to the following:

1. Economic dishonesty, theft of all kinds, ripping off the government and taxpayers
2. The purchase of optional items such as chrome bumpers and large screen televisions in place of food for the offspring
3. Any heterosexual conduct possible...with whoever is close by as well as bored/stoned/drunk/closely related

4. Racism and cultural bias of all kinds are taught from birth
5. Teenage pregnancy is only a concern if it occurs during or after the age of 18, or if the father was from outside of the trailer park

6. A heretofore unrivaled brand of laziness wherein persons engage in only eating, getting drunk, shopping for food and alcohol and having sex. The rest of one's time is spent sleeping and going to the bathroom
Jimmy Jack's convictions on the charges of lewd conduct, grand larceny and mail fraud were seen as a travesty back at the trailer park, as they were daily occurrances there.

Apparantly, Trailer Park Morality is not smiled upon in the outside world.
by Saiga12 April 18, 2011
This term describes a certain type of girl/woman from Baltimore, Maryland or its surrounding localities. She is caucasian and can be easily identified by her wardrobe of pajama bottoms, sweat pants, flip flops, baggy t-shirts, no bra and a constant habit of adjusting her thong as it sinks between her generous skin folds. She speaks slang-filled broken english, smokes menthol cigarettes, drinks whatever everybody else is drinking and has a tendency toward volitility and sometimes destructive anger.

It is strongly recommended that one take extreme caution when interacting with a Baltimore Beauty Queen.
"Yeah, there she goes, with the pink sweatpants that say 'Baby Girl' on the butt, Angela sure is a Baltimore Beauty Queen."
by Saiga12 April 15, 2011
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