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A good, short headline word to describe otherwise unexplainable acts of God that aren't so nice.
Just because the Lord works in mysterious ways sometimes, that doesn't mean he isn't always hard at work. I just think it's irresponsible for the press and Christians in general to cut God out of the picture when things don't go the way they'd like. I mean, think of all the tragicles involving airplanes alone.
by JJTRUELOVE January 19, 2009
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Whenever an unexplainable or extremely improbable positive event occurs, it is called a miracle and credited to God. A tragicle is an unexplainable or extremely improbable negative event, also to be credited to God.
My goodness, just as Jimmy decided not to take his own life he was struck by lightening. It's a tragicle!

Martin was tragiculously killed after he fired a gun at his unlawful assailant and the bullet ricocheted off a tree trunk, hitting him in the face.
by Edward M. Lazzarin January 19, 2009
The antonym of a miracle. When God causes something bad to happen. Word coined by the great Christian, Edward Current.
Hurricane Katrina was a tragicle.
by Chucky Jesus January 19, 2009
The opposite of a miracle: When an event that is tragic cannot be explained by the natural world and could only have had a supernatural cause.
What happened to New Orleans during the Katrina hurricane was a tragicle.
by jeremiahrossini January 19, 2009

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