Magazines centered around a certain industry, in Entertainment, Variety and Hollywood Reporter
Did this weeks trades come in I need to know the box office numbers for this week
#entertainment #magazine #variety #hollywood reporter #boxoffice
by @2 November 15, 2005
To "take it out in trade" means being owed money and receiving some sort of a service in exchange. Usually refers to sex, i.e., a pimp engaging in sexual activity with a hooker who didn't earn her daily quota.
That bitch couldn't pay for the home network installation, so I took it out in trade.
by ravy July 28, 2005
any form of material or item
i'll just get this trade off me face
by amber November 26, 2003
Example of a gay one-night stand. Typically used in the South.
That big queen Josh hooked up with some trade and got laid yesterday.
by jesse July 08, 2003
Originally a gay term to describe getting some ass, or describing the ass you want to get.

Straight peeps can use it tho as well, it roughly translates into a synonym for 'sex.' You can look for trade, you can go poom pommin for trade, you can find someone online and get them to come to your house - thats door trade.

You can put any noun or adjective in front of trade to add a further description to what ur sayin
Met this chick online last nite, she came over, killer door trade omg

Think we'll find any trade at this bar? Or just a bunch of swamp donkeys?
#sex #intercourse #hottie #candidate #door
by the Marz June 29, 2006
1) To exchange goods that have value.

2) Job specialty; the occupation at which one has the best chance of excelling.
1) Carmen traded her Vida Blue '73 card to Charles for his brand new set of headphones.

2) Connor was a mechanic by trade, but decided to attend law school in his mid-thirties.
by Diggity Monkeez April 01, 2005
n. A male prostitute.

see: rent-boy
He's a trade, guys pay him to suck their dicks.
by xxx December 22, 2004
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