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This word can not be defined, you must live it! But if I were to define it, it would be with a series of events. Starting with a can of classy beer--tecate,w/ a lime--at noon, a few influential friends, and a creative mind. Trabockery sums up all the things these people will do when they should be doing anything else besides "trabocking" or having "trabockery". Including, but not limited to, drinking large amounts of beverages, staying up past a reasonable hour in search of another beverage, and going to another establishment that has cheaper beverages because you are about to run out of money. These are all things that occur during trabocky and are therefore trabockerous.
"Are you ready for some trabockery tonight?" "Let's trabock!" "is it going to be trabockerous?
by Sr. Nixalot December 13, 2010
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