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1. A girl, usually angry, furious, or livid, who takes out her emotion by wreaking havoc on her surroundings.

2. A large herd of females, usually found in pursuit of a male for many reasons, including his good looks, previous douchebag actions, or participation in a Japanese prank.
Phil: "Brian, Bro, what happened to your face?"
Brian: "Let's just say... I tried breaking up with Kellie, and I felt the wrath of the Tpunami... girl can definitely throw a punch."

Chris: "Gawd, sometimes I feel cursed to be Canadian and have gorgeous blonde hair."
Gabe: "What in the world makes you say that?"
Chris: "I just spent the past hour running from a tpunami... apparently some teeny boppers thought I was The Biebs and decided to chase me, trying to get my autograph... fml."
#bitch #mob #insanity #tsunami #violence
by Macleeeee August 28, 2011
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