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(n.) The sound made when your partner spits on your penis during sex
(v.) The act of having sex.
(adj.) Describes a good looking female (one you would like to have sex with)

Pronounciation: The sound you make when you spit.

male: "I need more lubrication"
female: "tpu"


That chick is so fucking sexy. I wish I could tpu her!

"Hey Bill! Check out that hot girl, She is a tpu!"
by tellum83 August 02, 2009
"tweed pimps unite" a local gang in the streets on north east nsw, south east qld... oh yeah tpu owns!!!!!!!
"jeez how solid is tpu"
by Aussie Pimp May 21, 2009
noun, Thought Processing Unit,brain.
I can not fiqure out where I parked my car. Use your TPU !
by justathink July 12, 2009