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Greatest full size truck in the American market that combines stunning looks with brute power. Made in THE USA BY AMERICANS, 75% domestic parts making it one of the most American vehicles on the road. Powerful 5.7 V8 can tow nearly 12,000 pounds but can also tow the Endeavour space shuttle if it wants to, (which it did) and it's a Toyota, 20 years from now, it will still be running perfectly and will hold it's value while the Fords, Dodges and Chevies are rusted out on cinder blocks and are on sale for $5.
Bobbymuricajoebillyraycletus Jr. Sr.- Hey Tyrone, my lifted Chevy is stuck, can you help me out?

Tyrone- I be pullin dat shit e-z wid mah Toyota Tundra nigga, can also pull yo sistahs f-150 and yo cuz's ram, all at once.

Bobbymuricajoebillyraycletus Jr. Sr.- I think imma go out and buy one of these Jap trucks!
by MudaBastardAsshoGuy October 18, 2012
The Truck thats Changing it All... including ball joints, frames, bed, rear ends, transmissons, radiators, radios. You name it, its got it!
Wannabee: "My Toyota Tundra is the best truck."

Worker: "Oh yeah?? Hows that??"

Wannabee: "It'll beat your truck in a race and it'll pull yours back."

Worker: "If I wanted to race, i'd of bought a car. Now move along child, i'v got real work to do...... fucking pussy."
by Justtellingitasitis November 14, 2011
Japanese attempt at making a full size truck catering almost exclusively to men in big cities in Texas, Colorado, Arizona, and California who want to be macho with a pickup truck, but will only ever use the 4-wheel drive when his subdivision road is snow covered. Tundras are very seldom seen in the midwest where trucks are needed to perform actual farm duties.
Man from Phoenix: "I got a new truck"

Man from Nebraska: "Nice! a Chevy or a Ford?"

Man from Phoenix: "A Toyota Tundra"

Man from Nebraska: "Oh I thought you said you bought a truck. Well I have to go haul a trailer of corn out of the mud and pick my son up from football"

Man from Phoenix: "Ya I have to go pick my son up from soccer and meet my boyfriend for sushi"
by ohiofarmboy May 28, 2009
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