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Female cradle-robbing. The much youger male partner to an older or middle-aged woman (the cradle robber).
Have you seen Janice's new toy boy?
by well read February 10, 2005
The boyfriend of an older woman.
"My friend Mary dates a guy who's 11 years younger than her, she loves having a ToyBoy and I bet he loves having an older woman too"
by Miss P July 19, 2004
A young man pleasurable to the eye that you have as a 'toy' with no intention of a serious relationship. Used often as a rebound after a failed relationship.
"Look, she's got herself a toyboy after braking up with Tom. That lucky bastard"
by Candy Starr January 23, 2004
Younger male who pleases the older woman
"She is old enough to be his mother that must be her toyboy"

"His gf is like 10 years older than him what a toyboy"
by Harry69 October 28, 2009
A young handsome male pursued by an older woman. A fun mate for an older female looking to add some excitement into her life. A toy boy generally can be found buying lots of drinks in bars in order to attract females. The older woman will seek a younger male in an attempt to tame his drinking habits and to claim him as her own.
Look at that hottie over at the bar, I want to claim him as my toy boy.
by TheCougar January 14, 2014
A joy boy who's willing. Usually applied by a much older man to a handsome younger man.
Have you met Todd? He's my new toy boy.
by Andy Deyo November 19, 2003
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