An addicting Yahoo! game in the same vein as Tetris in which players manage their stack of colored blocks by making rows and simultaneously undermining their opponents structure.
Mom: Your dinner is getting cold!
Me: Hold on i have to finish this Towers game!
by Rahul Yukich February 11, 2006
Top Definition
A computer's CPU, often shaped like a small tower.
There's something wrong with the slot on the tower. My CD-ROM got stuck.
by pentozali January 21, 2009
v. to "towers" a situation is to overstep the boundaries of good manners or taste in a conversation. Possibly a synonym of "inappropriate" as a verb.
Person 1: <extremely inappropriate, possibly sexist "your mum" joke here>

Person 2: Why, you totally towersed that sitaution, dude!
by Wham Bam Dan February 22, 2009
this is when someone tosses off a dog, more specificaly it refers to the smaller dogs such as beagles, poodles or terriers
Harry towers the beagle in a violent and dangerous manner
by Phillipe Bouhler March 17, 2006
Tree + Flower = Tower!!!!
...yea it does

Origin: created in the boredom of mrs.L's Multimedia class in fall 2006 the tower became an instant phenominon! =]
just like the Girfish (a giraffe and a fish)
if you took a tree, and a flower, put them together, you have a tower!
by toriepoo the great!! November 03, 2006
A truly awesome structure, it will flourish despite the best efforts of the bar staff.
John: "Tower!"
Gaz: "Tower!"
Ste: "Tower!"
Pete: (in floods of tears) "No, no, no, I've got to take it back to the bar.
by Pete January 25, 2005
- an upright projectile belonging to the one named Micheal
Micheal's tower reflected the measurement of my own.
by Jack February 24, 2004
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