A drinking game thats objective is to see who can finish a 24 rack of beers the fastest with a partner.
There is no limit on the amount of teams of partners
Jeff and Tim won tower of power last night.
by The timologist August 10, 2009
Top Definition
The power of tower is when guys are stacked up on each other and the penis is in the other guys ass.
I was on the top of the Tower Of Power and i did not get a dick stuck in me ass.
by Victoria Feichtinger May 11, 2004
Army term for an infantryman who has all 3 of the following on his chest: Combat Infantry Badge, Airborne Wings, Air Assault wings.

In Special Operations community the phrase differently refers to having all 3 tabs possible on your shoulder: Airborne Tab, Ranger Tab, Special Forces tab. In order to have all 3 you must be assigned to an Airborne unit. If you've gone through Ranger school & SF Q course you will earn both those tabs. Airborne tab is a unit designation for being in an Airborne Unit.
That guy over there with the Tower of Power is a bad mother fucker.
by infantryscoming August 19, 2010
In Army terminology, when a soldier, primarily in a combat related job field such as infantry, ranger or special forces has the maximum amount of special skill tabs on his uniform.These tabs can include a set of airborne wings, air assault, combat infantry tab,Free fall badge and many more.
Man did you check out that new Colonel? He is a bad ass motherfucker. He's got the tower of power.
by rick rude November 09, 2005
tower of power is a custom game on halo 2 played on the map "ascension" with a turret set up at the tower.their are two teams and everyone has a shotgun. their are no shields meaning one shot-one kill.

the object of the game is to take over the tower and man the turret then mow everyone down below with the machine gun like it's d-day. your teammates protect the tower by hiding in corners and shooting anyone who comes near.

shotguns have poor range but high power.

their is one bridge to the right of the turret that is the only area where you can't be killed by the turret that is where everyone goes to get to the tower. the defenders usually jump down 50 feet or so and land on top of the attackers and sacrifice their lives to keep the tower.

this was not made by Bungie, but just made up by geniouses in custom games with specific settings that make it work but anyone can make.

if your mouth's are watering, then too late. halo 2 has passed it's prime from like 2006. you'll never find enough people to join nor will you find enough people who still know how to play it. everyone knew what it was back in the day.

guy 1: dude let's play TOWER OF POWER
guy 2: fuck yeah yeah oh yeah fuck me that games awesome oh yeah bone me!
by alsotryzombies April 01, 2009
When one deficates into the toilet leaving the poo standing out of the water leaning only on its own structural integrity.
"Dude I totally just squeezed out a tower of power"

"No way! According to the laws of physics, the chances of that happening are like 10000 to 1 .... Lets put it on ratemypoo.com right away!"
by The only Fox October 31, 2008
1/ A large penis
2/ A gas storage tower of the type that rises and lowers with the usage of gas
3/ A radio station aerial
4/ An Oakland area funk band
1/ Tom's well endowed but Harry has the Tower of Power.
2/ They must be expecting cold weather. The Tower of Power's at max.
3/ "299 on the medium wave, this is Radio City broadcasting from the Tower of Power."
4/ I went to see the Tower of Power last night. Who'da thought Oakland could be so funky?
by DDD3 September 10, 2006
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